Education and exclusive networking representatives of international associations


An exclusive forum for the professional associative sector in Latin America. It is the platform for the exchange of knowledge and connections between International Associations based in Latin America and Latin American Associations with the aim of improving the quality of management and administration of their entities, expanding their knowledge and exchange of information, as a way to increase the quality of their professional work on a day-to-day basis for the benefit of the entire region.


The Forum of Professional Associations is a non-profit association whose objective is to promote the leadership and management of associations. We provide our members with a variety of opportunities to network and exchange experiences in confidential environments, based on trust and free from commercial influence. All activities are run by members.

The members are associations that seek excellence in the management of associations and congresses. Membership is open to non-profit associations in any sector. To meet our membership criteria, an organization and its activities, including conferences, must be self-managed. Forum of Latin American and International Professional Associations is exclusively for and by associations.

Our Forum provides platforms for knowledge exchange for peers within associations facing comparable challenges within the association meeting industry. Run by its members, it organizes workshops, educational activities and an annual two-day meeting.

The objective of the Forum is to reach the highest level of management of associations and organization of congresses through an open exchange of information between its members. To ensure a fruitful and open exchange of information, membership is subject to various organizational criteria. Membership is open to any self-managing organization legally registered as a non-profit association under the laws of the country in which it is incorporated.

The beginnings of the Forum date back to 2014. Leading international associations, each of which organized large conferences in Latin America, proposed to create an environment where they could meet periodically to exchange ideas and experiences, and establish common goals. In 2021, 70 regional and international entities decide to formally create the Forum of Latin American and International Professional Associations, which has become an established non-profit association that inspires and encourages its members to achieve excellence in the organization of associations and conferences.