“Being challenged is inevitable, being defeated is optional”

The start of the pandemic caused by Covid 19 generated a profound impact on the meetings industry, forcing all members of the value chain to survive and at the same time rethink the fundamental structure of operations.


The importance of the exchange of knowledge and quality experiences between peers was exposed, proving today more than ever that each destination must take advantage of every instance that allows understanding its peers and clients, with the main objective of continuing to be promoters of the destination, useful, forming part of the main gear for the reactivation of different markets.

The main objective of our One day challenge is to offer participants a high-level theoretical framework where prominent international leaders will address issues of relevance to destinations: sustainability, legacy, adaptability, use of new technologies and financing.
And a framework where to put into practice the knowledge acquired through the implementation of a challenge, which will be focused on the preparation of applications for existing events, which will require an approach adapted to the global situation, demonstrating the strategic value for the client and for destiny.