We meet at our next FIEXPO Workshop & Technical Visit!

From October 2 to 4 we will find a new edition of the Workshop & Technical Visit in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Guanajuato is a destination with extensive experience in organizing events and conventions. Its strategic location in the center of Mexico makes it a convenient place for meetings and exhibitions. The city offers a variety of unique spaces, such as small squares, museums and temples, which are part of its rich history. In addition, it has an excellent hotel infrastructure, companies specialized in services for events and cultural attractions. Guanajuato also stands out for its security, connectivity and high standards of service and attention both in hotels and in event venues.

Regarding connectivity, Guanajuato has a solid infrastructure for land and air communications. It is connected by highway with other important points in the country, and the Guanajuato International Airport receives daily flights from the main cities of Mexico and some international destinations.

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